What is Silent Reflux?

Silent Reflux is also known as:

  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
  • LPR
  • Non Erosive Reflux
  • Asymptomatic Reflux

How it works is that supposedly the contents of your stomach are backing up into your throat, but you don’t have the usual reflux symptoms like heartburn any burning sensation at all. Silent reflux usually manifests itself in your throat with the following symptoms:

  • Burning or sore throat on one side
  • Food sticking in the back of your throat
  • A clicking/popping noise or feeling when you swallow
  • Swollen throat
  • Hoarsness
  • Excessive mucus in your throat
  • Feeling like something is stuck in the back of your throat

The clicking/popping noise was the main symptom that first got my attention and I have yet to get a doctor to explain to me what it is or why it’s happening. After some time of researching it and coming up without any answers I’ve developed a theory based on my observations  – this clicking/popping noise appears to be happening in the area of the Epiglottis and I believe it’s closing on my Uvula when I swallow and as swallow takes place the Uvula snaps back out of the Epiglottis resulting in the clicking/popping sound or feeling.

The culprit behind Silent Reflux isn’t so much stomach acid as it is Pepsin as I’ve discovered in my research. Supposedly when you reflux the contents of your stomach rise up through the Esophagus into your throat and leaves behind Pepsin. The Pepsin adheres to your throat and starts to literally digest the tissue where it has attached. Pepsin by itself is inactive, it’s when it comes in contact with acid that it gets activated and starts doing harm. That means when you reflux and acid comes up and combines with the Pepsin you start getting the burning sore throat, hoarseness and the other symptoms that go with it.

Another way the Pepsin gets activated is when you eat something acidic like oranges, coffee, or say a salad dressing with vinegar in it. The acid in those foods is enough the activate the Pepsin in your throat and start causing problems.

At least that’s the theory.