The Struggle Against Silent Reflux Continues

I was desperate for answers so I made an appointment to see my doctor. This time I was put on prescription strength Prilosec, and to help ween off the coffee Nuvigil. If you’ve never taken Nuvigil, it’s quite an experience. It basically turned this introvert into an extrovert while it was working, and it made me feel amazing. Except for one one thing, it seemed to make the reflux worse so I stopped taking it. I continued with the Prilosec with small improvements. Gradually out of frustration I started cutting things out of my diet again:

  • Almond Milk – seemed to make it get better once I stopped drinking it
  • Oatmeal – I got a little better giving up oatmeal also
  • Bananas – Yes! I got much better after giving up bananas

All this left me wondering, all those are supposed to be good foods when you have silent reflux so what gives? That’s when I discovered that a few people actually experience reflux with those foods. I picked up the book Dropping Acid The Reflux Diet Cookbook and CureĀ and I got started changing my diet. That helped somewhat for a while, but I wasn’t normal yet and I was getting even more frustrated. What the hell is causing this and why won’t it just go away!

I started to experiment some more with my diet with little results, I could eat bad and it made no difference, I could eat good and it made no difference. I was starting to think this silent reflux deal was total lies and there was something else causing it. I finally tracked down the original doctor that diagnosed me with silent reflux and told him my story. He took the time to listen and carefully assessed my symptoms. This time we were going to try a new approach and I was to start taking:

  • Pantoprazole in the mornings
  • Pearls ProBiotic at night
  • 10 MG Melatonin at night

The Pantoprazole was for the acid reflux. The Probiotic was to help restore the flora in my digestive tract. The Melatonin was the best thing yet – It causes your upper esophageal sphincter to contract so you can’t reflux as much! I was feeling pretty good about this and it really started to work. I found two other supplements that made it get incrementally better also and that was vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. I was finally starting to get this under control!



  • Kameron (#)
    May 4th, 2016

    My son has LPR. Started of an on last September! The doctor treated tied it like asthma for 4months!!! He is only 19. None of medicines worked because we finally found what he has after going to different specialists! LPR! Did u spit up mucus all the time and be short of breath? Terrible! He is on Prrilosec, Zantac, and Xanax .25 not very much to calm down reflux and mucus!
    Sometimes he is starting to feel better it takes time to heal esophagus and get rid of excess reflux that is going into trachea into his lungs! We are doing 4000 units of D3!7

    • admin (#)
      May 10th, 2016

      Yes, the mucus is definitely one of the symptoms. I’ve noticed stress and anxiety will both aggravate it as well. The main thing is diet, there’s something in his diet that’s triggering the reflux to happen. I started keeping a diary of the foods I ate for a week, and started eliminating those foods until I started getting better. In my case it was almond milk, oatmeal, peppermint, and certain protein powders. Caffeine and chocolate will trigger it sometimes also.