The Start of Silent Reflux, LPR, or Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

This all started four years ago – I thought I had a cold, my throat was sore, I was hoarse and there was a lot of mucus build up in my throat. A trip to the doctor got me a prescription of antibiotics, a shot of steroids and a follow up visit two weeks later. It didn’t get better and it got worse in that all of a sudden my throat would pop and click when I swallowed. This in turn created a lot of anxiety about what the hell was happening with my throat and it didn’t seem to get better with anything I tried.

About 3 weeks into this my throat was still hurting, so bad that I went to the ER an begged them to do something about it – and I got yet another steroid shot. The steroid shots did seem to make it better but not much. Around 2 months of this I walked into my doctors office and told them to admit me into the hospital and figure out what this was and I’m not leaving until you do. My usual doctor wasn’t in and I saw the doctor that was in the office that day (fortunately for me). The doctor looked me over, listened to my symptoms and made a plan of attack: First he wanted me to see an ENT, and second a GI doctor. So I made the appointments and was diagnosed with Silent Reflux by the ENT and the GI doctor scoped me and found I had a hiatal hernia.

I was told by the ENT to start taking Prilosec OTC twice a day and that should keep in under control. I started on the Prilosec and it took about two months before I was symptom free.

And that’s how this nightmare got started.