Silent Reflux Returns

4 years later I started experienced the same throat symptoms again only this time it was worse, a lot worse. The left side of my throat felt swollen, hot, and irritated. I’m pretty sure what triggered it this time though – This started to happen immediately after drinking some red wine. I found out later that red wine is a trigger for silent reflux. Another contributor was coffee, coffee definitely made it worse, but I’d almost rather suffer than give up drinking coffee.

My plan to fight this bout of silent reflux back into submission started with taking Prilosec OTC twice a day once more. At first it seemed to help but my symptoms gradually started getting worse. My throat was red and swollen, I was getting more hoarse by the day and I figured I could change my diet up and get this back under control. I eat a body building diet that consists of clean carbs and lean meats so my plan was to just stick to protein powder, fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal until my silent reflux went back into remission. After about 4 weeks of this it seemed to get worse.

For my next plan of attack against silent reflux my strategy was to switch to a tonsillectomy type of diet which consisted of Jello, sherbert, bananas, oatmeal, almond milk and protein powder. ┬áThis didn’t do much to stop the silent reflux either. However I did find some relief from the burning with vanilla pudding.

I was getting stressed and irritated by this point. My throat was killing me and I had been reading about the links between silent reflux and throat cancer – I was becoming anxious and started to become so distracted by my war against silent reflux I didn’t want to do anything except think about ways to try and stop this from progressing, it was consuming me.