Vitamin B12 And A Connection To Silent Reflux?

Vitamin B12 Connection? I’ve written before how vitamin B12 seemed to help with my silent reflux, and I’ve also written about Vagal Neuropathy being a possible underlying cause, but could those two be related? Let’s take a look at symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency: Weakness, tiredness, or lightheadedness Heart palpitations and shortness of breath Pale…

Does Melatonin Help With LPR

Melatonin does help with LPR – In the video below I discuss the theory behind this and how it works

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Dementia Risk

Repeated use of a certain class of drugs for gastric reflux or peptic ulcers was linked with a higher risk for dementia among patients in Germany, researchers say. The drugs, known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), include lansoprazole (Prevacid), manufactured by Novartis, as well as esomeprazole (Nexium) and omeprazole (Prilosec), both manufactured by AstraZeneca.

Melatonin, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12 for Silent Reflux

It’s been a while since I posted and wanted to update with how I’m progressing in my fight agains silent reflux. I’m happy to say that I’m not really having any more symptoms with the exception of when I expect to have them. For example chewing any Spearmint or Peppermint gum will trigger some mild…

The Struggle Against Silent Reflux Continues

I was desperate for answers so I made an appointment to see my doctor. This time I was put on prescription strength Prilosec, and to help ween off the coffee Nuvigil. If you’ve never taken Nuvigil, it’s quite an experience. It basically turned this introvert into an extrovert while it was working, and it made…